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WinSale Cloud Point of Service


Say NO to dealing with constant IT problems - Windows Updates, antivirus and ransomware worries, data backups for redundancy and hardware maintenance headaches.  

With our Cloud solution, all you do is turn on your PC/tablet and connect to the internet, and you are instantly connected to our powerful Point of Service system with features like:

  • Offsite Daily Backups

  • Automatic UPC Updates

  • Ransomware Protection

  • The US-based Support

  • Kiosk-based Sales

  • Shoe Truck support and setup

  • Easy Snap-in of New Stores

  • Free Software Upgrades

  • Streamlined Multi-Store Support

 Streamlining Examples:

  • Set up an inventory item at one location and this information can then simply be cloned in another store.  (Note: Each store can have its own pricing structure.)

  • Invoice major accounts for all locations at once.

  • Monthly and Yearly closeouts can be run for all locations at once.

  • Customer History is available at all locations.

  • Loyalty programs are privy to every transaction at any location in real time.

  • All Reporting can be combined or broken out by the store.

  • Inventory levels can be viewed for every store individually or combined (Matrix and Linear reporting)

  • Price changes, cost updating, can be done all at once for all locations or individually.

  • Financial Statements can be combined in any store groupings

  • Snap-in and out new store locations with no new data entry.

Mobile Units:


  • Mobile Units (Shoe Trucks) can access the cloud server through cellular modems or tethering via one's mobile device. 


Want to Learn More?

Give us a call at 843-476-4767 or book a demo and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.






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