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What do our Customers say about us?


"We just wanted to show you our appreciation for going "above & beyond the call of duty" (and our service contract, lol).  We would never have been able to complete our inventory on New Year's Day without your help.  You  have always given us exemplary business service, but as much as we appreciate the business relationship we value the friendship so much more."

T & D, Cana, VA.



"...Your unwavering search to improve WinSale and the scrupulous attention you give to suggestions given to you by us, retailers and users, is second to none! I will not stop to "spread the word" about WinSale! I am glad and feel fortunate to be associated with Magnum Software."
J S,  Peterborough, Ontario Canada

"User-friendly, precise and concise, and with attention to detail can be mastered in a very short time frame. The technical support is very prompt and thorough, and with very little or no wait time. The support staff is very interested in your success which is the bottom line with any computer system." 
D S, Port Huron, MI

"The Magnum Software point of sale system is an easy system for you and your employees to use. If you have concerns or need technical speak to a live person who cares!" 
J B, Bradenton, FL

"The Point of Sale program is very user-friendly and provides many easy to read reports. Support is very patient even when inexperienced users are not very computer literate. Support can be reached in a timely fashion." 
J R, Quitman, TX

" Awesome System! Support is excellent, help is just a phone call away. Love the Customer Screens and Inventory Screens, they are so easy and you can use your actual shoe style numbers! Thanks, Guys! It is so much better than the system we had. We have never regretted switching!" 
D B, Sarasota, FL

"Great overall system for a small retail business to use. Very user-friendly. Magnum staff is always open to new and better ideas. Going to the Magnum system was the best investment we have ever made. I highly recommend Magnum POS system. They are tops in their business!" 
N B, Sarasota, FL

"...we have been quite pleased with WinSale. Magnum Software's staff has been very open to our suggestions and has helped greatly to customize the basic WinSale software to accommodate the individual needs of a business such as ours." 
R H, Shelby Township, MI

"It's been nearly a year since our conversion to WinSale, and the program has certainly lived up to our expectations. I'm particularly impressed with the short time period between requests for changes in the system andactual implementation of those changes. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that personifies a "can do" attitude when working with its customers!" 
R C, Warren, MI

"System is easy to learn. Customer support is excellent - when you call in for help they never rush or put you off. They are continually upgrading or updating the program to help get more out of it. Discounts are easy to take, sales tax is simple to take off, and shipping amounts are easy to put in. The customers and companies are easy to find and it is easy to add new ones!" 
Donald, Lubbock, TX

"Thanks for all your help! Magnum has the kindest and most patient technical support staff I have ever dealt with. This system was so easy for my employees to catch on to. Other systems took 5 times as long! Even with the ease of usage, the support staff is the biggest reason why I recommend Magnum Software!" 
J B, Garden City, MI 


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