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Purchase Order Features



 The purchase order module in WinSale is designed to provide “one step” purchasing and inventory updating. When an item is placed on a purchase order, an inventory record is created so that the item can be sold even though it may not be received. (In this case, the Quantity on Hand would be -1.) When a purchase order is filled, the inventory record is automatically updated with the quantity received and cost information, (including shipping costs, if you decide to average them in).


WinSale uses the ‘EMT Matrix Purchase Order’ for purchase orders.   EMT stands for Extended Matrix Table.  This purchase order system is very versatile and allows you to create matrix items and non-matrix style items on the same purchase order and at the same time.  In addition to this powerful capability, the EMT system also uses two other powerful utilities to carry purchase order items into itself.


NOTE: When adding items to the Purchase Order by Style number and the style requested is not in your inventory database, WinSale will give the user the option to choose which vendor’s items to use when the same style number is found for multiple vendors in UPC database. 


Quick Scan utility


This utility allows you to type or scan items into the PO.  The scanner can be a regular hand-held data barcode scanner or it may read in bulk items from a handheld data collector.  The Quick Scan utility has three modes of operation.


  • Create Purchase Order

  • Receive Purchase Order

  • Create and Receive Purchase Order


These functions can be used hand in hand with each other.   For example, you can use the ‘Receive Purchase Orders’ function and read in a large order.  If some of the items were not found to be on order, the remaining items can be put on order and received at the same time with the ‘Create and Receive Purchase Order’ function.  This is possible because the remaining items don’t dissolve but stay in place on the screen to be ordered.


It is also possible to scan and receive PO from multiple vendors at the same time.  You are not limited to just doing one single vendor at a time.  WinSale will sort the items entered and group them by vendor number internally and do the requested actions automatically by vendor number groupings.


Auto Generate Purchase Order


This utility allows you to use information contained in the various databases to automatically generate purchase orders.  The information is then passed down to the EMT purchase order.  The AutoGenerate Purchase Order has four modes of operation.


  • Sales: Scan sales for a date range

  • Required Reorder based on reorder points (Red Lines)

  • Back Orders

  • Special Orders


These two optional input methods incorporate the largest element of efficiency and accuracy because they require the smallest amount of input from you and because the shell items have already been set up.  They, however, cannot be used until you have already created inventory, and in the case of the Auto-Generate utility, until you have sold some inventory or set up model stocks.


You can create auto-generated purchase orders using one or multiple vendors at the time. If you choose to have multiple vendors, it will automatically split up any auto-generated orders into separate purchase order numbers accordingly to the vendor number assigned to the item.  This greatly simplifies ordering red-lines or any of the other types of auto-generating purchase orders.  If you still would like to generate the purchase order by vendor number simply select a single vendor number when selecting your ranges.  Otherwise, multiple PO’s may be generated automatically.


EMT Matrix Purchase Order


The EMT Matrix Purchase Order is the underlying frame work for all of the special utilities of the WinSale’s PO System.  No matter what method that is used for generating the Purchase Order the EMT will be the engine that actually orders the items.  All of the other utilities will drop the items to order onto the EMT engine.




  • Directly Integrated with Accounts Payable

  • Portable Market Purchase Order system using a laptop PC

  • Matrix Capability for tracking by size, color, width, etc.

  • EMT Purchase Order System (allows SKU and matrix purchase orders to be entered on one screen)

  • Automatic creation of inventory record when a new item is ordered (ability to sell items not yet on the floor)

  • Vendor Look Up by Name or Number

  • Inventory Lookup by multiple criteria simultaneously

  • Complete or partial purchase order receiving

  • Creation and editing of Purchase Order and Vendor Notes

  • Automatic Red Line Purchase Order creation

  • Tracking of vendor returns with a reason for return

  • Purchase orders printed with item detail for verification

  • Receive from packing slip and update accounts payable when an invoice is received


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