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WinSale Kiosks Are Here!

WinSale's Kiosk is a touch screen tablet designed to be placed in the factory’s break room to allow its employees to order/reorder shoes and boots when they are eligible to purchase. Typically, factory workers are allowed one pair of shoes or boots that meet the OSHA requirements per year. WinSale's Kiosk knows each employee’s purchase history and eligibility date as controlled by the BMS (Boot Management System's) manager. Once the employee logs into the Kiosk and they are found to be eligible for a new pair of safety shoes they may simply tap once to reorder their last pair of shoes purchased (if available). Alternatively, they may also browse through the tablet to view other styles that meet the OSHA requirement for their job type. Once they make a purchase it is recorded as being ordered in the BMS. The retailer is immediately notified of this purchase.

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