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Introducing WinSale's Boot Management System

Boot Management System (BMS) is a new system, integrated into WinSale, that is designed to keep rock-solid relationships between the work shoe retailer and the industries that they supply.

It creates a real-time link between the retailer and industry HR department or purchasing department. The HR Department manager has a real need to keep up with employee purchases and a legal need to maintain OSHA requirements. Magnum Software’s BMS system is designed to meet these two goals head-on plus many others.

Overview scenario: The work shoe retailer is running Magnum Software Systems’ Winsale software on the Winsale cloud. A login is given over to allow an anytime connection from the HR department in order to be able to view live employee purchase information as well as invoice and payment information pertaining to the employee purchases.

IMPORTANT: The HR manager is limited to only this connection and will have no other access to the retailer’s system.

The BMS is simply a window into the factory’s employee’s safety shoe and boot purchases. This purchase history is also garnished with relevant invoice information and status information such as on order, Delivery, etc. The BMS manager can also see what invoice number is attached to the purchase as well as payment made information. The Boot Management System is also tightly coupled with a purchase KIOSK that can be conveniently placed into the factory break room to allow their employees to purchase shoes and boot without having to leave the factory or visit with the retailer’s mobile truck.

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