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Point of Service Features


WinSale is designed to allow you to check out a customer with as few strokes as possible without compromising on functionality. Our Point of Sale screen allows you to sell a pair of shoes, bill them to a Major account as Payroll Deduction with the same ease as if you were selling it for cash to a regular customer! 

    Part of the reason why we have been so successful and all of our customers love our software and Point of Sale screen specifically is because it was designed based on feedback from people like you! See, at Magnum Software, we put the customer first and all of our customer's suggestions make their way into the software and are essentially implemented for everyone's benefit! As such, the software is highly customizable and is easy to learn on the fly without opening a manual once!


Point of Service Feature Set


  • Major Account Business Rules dynamically dictate the flow of every transaction.

  • On-Line Customer History inquiry with Item Detail

  • Special Tax features 

  • Customizable Split Tender Options with an integrated credit card and gift card  processing

  • Sales Refund/Exchange in one transaction

  • Item lookup  at any point during a transaction

  • Department and Vendor Reference Information is Always on

  • Lookup tables for Customers and Salespeople by name

  • Ability to have multiple sales going on the same register

  • Powerful Layaway/Approval procedures and reporting

  • Sale Reprints and Voids (password protected)

  • Credit Check for in-house charge accounts

  • Multiple Discounting options

  • Automatic "on-sale" price management

  • Manual adjustments for shipping and tax

  • New items can be added to inventory from point of sale screen

  • Inventory may be searched on multiple criteria (width, size, description, etc)

  • Bar Code Scanning and Printing for speed and accuracy

  • Sales tracking by Customer, Vendor, Item Number, Department, and more

  • Paid Out of Drawer tracking

  • Cash Drawer reporting and management (including Cash Void warning emails sent to owners)

  • Complete Sales Tax calculation and reporting

  • Special Tax features 

  • Dynamic Accounts Receivable updating

  • Print full-page invoice style and/or paper tape receipts (both are 100% user-definable with the Form Definition Utility)

  • Payments on charge accounts with printed receipts

  • Multi-level password security

  • Sales Order management

  • Create retrievable quotes and convert to a sale

  • Sub Inventory for Kit/ Package sales



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