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The Periodic Hot Seller is the main sales data reporting tool of WinSale.  That is because it is so flexible on shaping the return data to exactly fit the bill.  The left side of the above dialog is the WHAT of how the data is presented.  This means that if you choose the Vendor Number the data will be subtotaled by each vendor.


In every case but one you can elect to detail sold items on the report.  When this is done all of the line items that make up the subtotaled WHAT is reported on and not hidden from view. This way the Style Size Width information is also displayed on the report. 


In addition to the central WHAT values you can use several filtering options to filter down to exactly what you are looking for.  As an example, you might want to look at how each of your vendors are selling but only for a specific subset of departments.  To do this you would run the report by the vendor for all vendors and the limit to a range of departments.


Another powerful feature of the Periodic Hot seller is that it links up the Matrix Report Generator that will allow you view several unique matrix views of the items that have sold.  In order to do this, we must have the Periodic Hot Seller to generate the report by Style.  Below is the same report as above but only being run by Style Number. 


The matrix below allows us to look at all aspects of the inventory situation by style number.  We can click the tabs on the top of the screen to move from view to view for this particular style.  If we had multiple stores all of the stores would be displayed so that we could potentially request a transfer of stock to replenish our now sold out inventory.


Another interesting feature of the Periodic Hot seller is that you can export information to the mailing label program.  For example, you might want to do this if you having an upcoming trunk show and you want to let the people who have purchased goods from you that were from the vendor that is putting on the trunk show.  This is easily accomplished with the Periodic Hot Seller as shown below.


No matter how you setup the Periodic Hot-seller you can export to the mailing label system from sales history derived from the report when it is run.



Periodic Hot Seller

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