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Major Accounts

WinSale has the unique ability to have a parent/child relationship between two customers.  The child customer is called the Employee and the parent account is called the Major Account.  The Major Account can have multiple Employee accounts attached to it while the Employee account can only have one parent account.   The Major Account has certain business rules that can be assigned to it by the store.  These rules are then automatically inherited by the employee account.  For example, if the child (employee) account is attached to the parent (major) account then the child will use the tax code definitions of the parent when purchasing shoes or boots intended for use in the manufacturing.


In real life terms, this is commonly used as discussed below:    



Industry using their Employees in the manufacturing process -  As an example, suppose your retail shoe store sells work shoes to an industrial manufacturer who has employees in the factories needing work shoes that conform to OSHA standards, like a steel toe, or waterproof.   Because the employee of the company is working in a manufacturing process they are required to wear certain shoes or boots.  The company has agreed to pay in full or subsidize the purchase of these shoes and boots that their employees must wear while in the factory.  Also because it is part of the manufacturing process these purchases are deemed to be totally tax exempt or in many cases partially exempt.  The Point of Sale obviously needs to keep up with the sale and have the sales history attached to the Employee but the Billing has to be billed to the Major Account.  However, if the major account is only subsidizing a partial amount the rest of the payment due will fall to the company's employee. So, while we are taxing and billing the sale to the Major Account, the sale history is also recorded for the Employee.  


In addition, the Major Account needs to be billed for these purchases and will need very specific invoices generated that combines all of the sales tickets for all of the employees of this Major Account into one large invoice listing a multitude of things including the employee name, the items purchased, and verifying the items purchased conform to OSHA requirements.  Also needed on the invoicing are other multiple requirements that most likely will not be the same from one industrial customer to the next. It is also likely that the billing will be going to a central billing facility other than the factory itself.


All of this sounds a bit over whelming and certainly most POS systems just wouldn't be able to handle this. Well, WinSale can and does all of this plus a great deal more everyday.  WinSale has very flexible invoicing that can be adapted to nearly any scenario.  In addition, every Major Account can have it's own format predefined just for them if need be.


Mobile Truck


WinSale has been designed to handle Mobile truck operations in two ways:

1. Real time using mobile computers linked up to cloud servers

2. Batch mode Import/Export.



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