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Major Account Rules

A very flexible set of rules for each of your major accounts is a button click away.  The business rules that you define for your major accounts outline the sales procedures and what the sales clerk will be prompted for at the time of the sale.  Every employee of the major account inherits these attributes and rules.


Addressing and Contact CRM

The Major Account screen offers a convenient place to save all of the corporate contact addressing and phone numbers as well as contact for different divisions of the company.  Also, you can keep up with the lead generation and in house contacts.


Allowable Styles

A convenient place that you can set up the acceptable styles and pricing as agreed upon by your store and the major account.  In addition, if you use the OSHA features then it makes it easy to just set up a particular feature(s) that are allowed to be purchased by the major accounts employees.  The Point of Sale will then "Bark" whenever a sales clerk tries to sell something to the employee that is not on the acceptable lists.


Subsidy Levels

Each employee of the major account will be linked up to the proper subsidy level and tax arrangements.  There are 6 slots for unique subsidy levels for each major account.


Number of Receipts

This controls the number of receipts that are generated with each sale to an employee of the is major account.


Invoice Form Number

Each Major Account can have their own invoice form that is patterned to only that particular major account.  When the form number is zero then it will use the default invoice layout.  This feature is used primarily in a unique occasion where the major account has special requirements.


Tax Exempt Information


In some cases, you are required by law to keep a tax-exempt certification number for your major accounts.


Blanket PO Number and expiration

Many major accounts will provide you with a purchase order number that is valid for a period of time.  This information will automatically flow to the point of sale when a purchase order number is required.


Dollar Discount


In many cases, you can get and keep corporate business flowing when offering a discount.  In addition to discount percentages and or Allowed Style pricing, you may offer a company a set dollar amount off of each sale showing them that you appreciate their business by offering discounts.




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