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Form Definition


The Form Definition Utility is used to tweak or completely recreate every printable form within WinSale.  Internally it uses a grid X, Y or Row, Column paradigm to layout the positioning of the field data but also available is a visual form mode (as shown above).  The field data can use a background drawn with any simple graphics program, even Microsoft Paint included with every copy of Windows Operating system sold. This bitmap background image is then the canvas that is overlaid with the field data as positioned with Form Definition utility.


WinSale comes preloaded with many usable form definitions and template background images. With your paid yearly service agreement, Magnum Software will modify these formats to fit your exact needs for no additional cost.


The following form formats are controlled completely with the Form Definition Utility:



Sales Tickets Sales


Tickets can be laid-out either to be paper receipt style or full page invoice style.  WinSale comes preloaded with three receipt style formats and one full page invoice style. 



Purchase Orders


Purchase Orders can use either a predefined Matrix Format with Style/Size/Color/Width or can use a nonmatrix linear format that can be modified to meet your needs.


A/R Statements


The accounts receivable monthly statements form definition has many options for creating eye-catching statements and includes options for printing Finance Charges, Minimum Payments, Delinquent, 30-60-90 aging with full dunning messages.  Collections just got a lot easier.



Sales Orders


Sales Orders like Sales Tickets can use either full page invoice style or paper receipt style.

Inventory Labels If you need to print hang tags or simply print barcode stickers WinSale's Form Definition has you covered.  Every field found on the inventory screen can be chosen to be printed on your label design.  WinSale support the zebra brand label printers and comes with 4 different formats, including Hangtags, butterfly jewelry, Shoe Box. 



Address Labels


Like the Inventory Labels, WinSale gives you full customization on any format you desire.  Address Labels can be printed directly from the customer lookup as well as through the Customer mailing label/mail merge utility.  Zebra Label printers are again called to service or you can print directly to laser or inkjet printer models using commonly found Avery brand labels. 



Major Account Invoice


Like the Monthly Statements, the Major Account Invoice definition can't be beaten anywhere.  You have mammoth control to print exactly what your industrial account clients mandate.  You may have any number of invoice format available at the touch of a button.  In fact, each Major Account can have their own format or can share a common format used for that type of industry.



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