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External UPC Databases



WinSale is the only system that has the inventory lines you sell already loaded for you. These lines are easily added to your inventory without you having to enter all that information by hand. It couldn't be any easier. Currently, WinSale has Built-In work shoe/clothing, family shoe UPC lookup for easy reference and entry for over 319 vendors and over 10 million UPC codes. Click here to see a complete listing of our vendor UPCs To learn more about External UPC database and its features, watch the video below.

These external databases are used to allow you to add new products to your inventory easily. Simply scan any of the above vendor's products and if they are not found in your current inventory database they can automatically be added into your inventory with extreme ease.


UPC codes are automatically pulled to your computer from a Magnum Software server whenever they can not be located on your local system. This happens transparently thus even making your job easier than ever.




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