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Employee Features

Sales People are an integral part of how WinSale functions.   Every salesperson will have a unique number thereby attaching to every sale.  This same number is also used by the integrated time clock for employee clocking in and out.  (If you choose, passwords also can be linked to each salesperson.)  This allows Winsale to track sales, and time worked by every salesperson.  This same information can help you schedule future hours based both on employee performance and by the natural ebb and flow of historical sales data.


  • The Employee Time Clock easily allows the employee to clock in and clock out using their employee number assigned to them.


  • WinSale's employee Performance Report will quickly and concisely display employee hours worked as well as sales per hour.  This report can be exported to Excel or simply be printed.  The graph on the left side quickly shows who is performing and who isn't.


  • The Sales by Hour Report is a tool that can help you to schedule employees hours by showing historical sales by dollar sold, however, the option to display by receipt count is only a click away.




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