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Customer Operations Features



  • Customer Loyalty Program

  • Parent / Child Relationship (Employer / Employee link-able)

  • Complete customer profiling, including a sort-able field for birthdays and anniversaries

  • Quick Lookup with modification and Quick Add options

  • Complete mailing label and mail merge functions

  • MS Outlook Integration

  • Full sale tracking analysis with item detail

  • Complete purchasing history available with a single click

  • Customer Look Up by name or account number

  • Multiple address and phone fields, including shipping address

  • Monthly statements for Accounts Receivable customers with item detail

  • Layaway Statements with item and payment detail

  • Quick Reference month to date and year to date sales fields

  • Sales territory tracking and automatic connection to a customer

  • Tax level is definable by each customer

  • Multiple state sales tax tracking

  • Multiple discounts levels by customer

  • Complete Customer Notes for unlimited information - viewable from Point of Sale

  • Customer Letters with automatic Name & Address fill in

  • Periodic Hot Seller reports determining customers who spend the most - exportable to mailing label program.

  • Customer Sales reports exportable to mailing label program 

  • integration 

  • Customer may be viewed and/or modified using built-in customer spreadsheets (also allows for custom reporting)


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