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Customer History


The Customer History screen will not only display the customer's history at the touch of a button but you can also reprint a receipt or simply pull up a sale to look at it.  The Customer History shows everything to you that is vital to know during the sales process including when it was sold, who sold it, and whether you have any left in stock right now.  As the above screen shows you can even see any voided transactions.  If you lookup Sales History during a sale the item can be grabbed and carried back to the point of sale and used either as a return to stock or to re-sell the same item.  The QOH column will display the quantity on hand if the item is still available in your inventory.


Layaway and Gift Certificate history is also displayed showing all layaway payments gift certificate sales and redemptions.  When your customer is not a person but another business it will show transfer history as well.


Finally, at a single glance, you can see pertinent sales statistics and accounts receivable history on the bottom portion of the screen.  The YTD Off Price Sales let you quickly see if this patron is primarily a sale price shopper.




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