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Split Tender Options


The split tender screen lets you take any number of forms of payment all from one simple screen.  As you take one payment the Tended amount increases and the still Due amount decreases.  Multiple credit cards can be split up in anyway imaginable.  If you sell and accept gift cards option 9 (not shown above) will become available for redeeming or quickly issuing a new gift card when an item is being returned so that you never have to let another dollar leave your store.


In house accounts receivable is fully supported when needed for your industrial sales or even to give someone an in-house store credit.   Payroll deduction is simple and is quickly accounted for and doubles as a second form of accounts receivable.  Again, another gem for your industrial sales.


During the tending of the sale, you can elect to shift from printing a receipt tape style receipt and instead print a full page invoice style receipt.  This is especially handy when creating special orders or when charging to an in house charge account.



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