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Check Register

The Check Register is used to capture all checkbook activity from the date that you begin using the system—it is not “cleaned out” by the closeout procedures—so that you have a complete record of your checking account activity.

NOTE: You can use Check Register to modify check numbers. If you update the check number field of an existing check on the check register it will be updated throughout the system.

After checks are posted, all of the invoices that have been paid under a check number are added together and placed in the check register as a check total.

When a Daily Close-Out is performed, the daily deposit is posted into the checkbook register for the checking account that you set up as the default in the Configuration module. This deposit is composed of all of the income from the point of sale module functions for the day. The deposit is broken into a cash and credit card total, which are posted separately.      


TIP: Printing Check Register Report will be performed directly to the printer without preview ability in WinSale. Be sure to select the date range that you will want to print by only loading the portion of the check register.

You may also reprint checks from the check register.  To do this highlight the check register line that is displaying the check that you wish to reprint and then press the Re-Print button on the top of the screen or choose the Re-Print option from the File Menu. The check will then be reprinted to the printer of your choice.        


Multiple Stores


Daily Deposits are deposited in the individual store’s default checking account. They are not carried back to the Mother Store’s checking account. If you need to change the store number and checking account number after you have entered the Check Register to view another ore’s account, click the Reload button.




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