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AP Auto Posting


Accounts Payable Automatic Postings allow you to automatically pay your automatic drafts.  These drafts can be setup and altered via the Accounts Payable menu labeled ‘Automatic Draft Postings’.  In here you can define automatic payments to be scheduled for the draft that will automatically be drafted from your accounts payable.  When you enter the payables system WinSale will automatically pay out these automatic drafts on the dates they were scheduled to be drafted on.

You may also assign entries that won't automatically post as paid but instead will post only to create an item to be paid.  This is handy for those items that your bank doesn't automatically send payment on but you still would like to have the entry posted so that you don't forget to pay it.  For example you can post your reoccurring rent entry to automatically be marked for payment but will not be paid until you pat it manually through the Mark For Payment Screen.

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