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Our Background


Magnum Software Systems was established in 1984. We are one of the very first to offer Point of Sale systems based on the microcomputer platform. Our original programs were designed on the early CPM operating system and then were ported over to MS-DOS and later completely rewritten for Windows and now the Cloud.

Magnum Software's systems have been installed in retail sites all over the world for nearly 3 decades running 24 hours a day around the clock. When you do business with Magnum Software you are assured of doing business with a company with staying power.  We only offer our software directly to the end-user retail store. This assures that you get only the best software and support possible. We listen to you the retailer and have implemented the best feature set available on any POS software today. Dealing directly with you also ensures that you get the very best price without any additional markup going to distributors or dealers. 

WinSale is an extremely powerful tool that lets you concentrate on running your business more efficiently.   WinSale's ultimate focus is to give you more insight into your business than you ever thought possible. Magnum Software's focus is customer satisfaction through both software development and technical support. We have technical and sales personnel dedicated to supporting your needs through the startup transition and during your daily business activities. With thousands of systems throughout the United States and several countries, our software is constantly tested by retailers like yourself and has proven to be one of the most flexible and easy to use systems on the Market today. 

With Magnum Software's history 
and experience, you can be assured that we will be your partner in the future.

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